Member Testimonials

Joanne C. -  Just wanted to let you know how I feel about Mikes gym. I was planning on doing this a long time ago but unfortunately I do procrastinate, thank goodness I do not with my exercising because as of today, I have exercised 2107 days without missing a day. Thanks to Mikes gym, I have been able to accomplish this, going anytime and everyday, even Holidays. He has a clean, friendly gym and all the exercise equipment I want. Also I have made several good friends over the years, which makes it fun to go. Thanks Mike!

Richard & Kathleen V. -  My wife and I recently joined Ripon Fitness and have really come to appreciate it. I was working out in Modesto with a cardiac group three days a week and felt it was a time for change. The facility is clean, comfortable, has more then enough quality equipment, flat screen TV's and due to the 24/7 access is really never too busy. It is so convenient (close to home) and comfortable, I have been going five days a week (retired) and my wife goes when she is not working (semi-retired). I find the members are ordinary people trying to stay in shape and not the stereo type "gym rat" one finds in some clubs. All in all, I could not be happier with Ripon Fitness.

Hayden K. -  During my training for the Stockton Colts and Bay Area Blazers Ice Hockey Team, I utilized Ripon Fitness on a regular basis. Great equipment, clean, friendly and a safe environment. I also appreciate the willingness and professionalism of the owner, Mike, who was always willing to work with my ever changing hockey schedule. I would highly recommend a membership here. Thanks Mike!

Sandy I. -  Ripon Fitness is a great place to work out. I became a member on Day 1, when Mike first opened his gym. From the beginning, he has maintained a first class standard of cleanliness and calmness in the gym. If you are serious about getting in shape, it is always open and available to you. With no contracts, you really can't go wrong with Ripon Fitness.

Jim B. - Two and half years ago I joined the gym. One of the main reason for choosing Ripon Fitness was the 24 hour a day access. Being a commuter, I needed a facility that was convenient to use and close to home. Ripon Fitness met both of those requirements and more. Along with having access at any time of the day, night or morning the Gym is clean and well maintained. The equipment more than meets my needs. And all the people I've met at the Gym are friendly and positive. I've made some major life style changes over the last couple of years, eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. This has contributed to my losing 65 pounds and still dropping. Ripon Fitness has been a major contributor to my success and will continue to be a contributor in the years to come.

Dan V. - I have worked out in many gyms over many years. This Gym is the best! The owner is great; the people are quiet and respectful; and the equipment is clean and perfect for all exercises.

William T. - I enjoyed the gym.  I am just picking up tennis at the club by the hospital.

Debra L. - I began working out at Ripon Fitness approximately 3 months ago. I've been a "fitness freak" all my adult life, always working to keep the pounds at bay. Now I'm a young 66 years old and I don't think I've ever felt better. Working out at Ripon Fitness with weights' has changed my attitude, as well as my body shape. It's been a great experience and I hope to continue this new path in my life. Cheers to Mike for making this possible for all of us!

Jamie M. - Thanks Mike.  It has been a pleasure being a member. 

Shelley F. - I have always had an excellent experience at Ripon Fitness. The gym is so clean with the latest equipment. Everyone is so nice and cleans up after themselves. I recommend everyone I know to this gym! Thank you for the wonderful service!

Mark & Kelly M. - Thanks Mike, we enjoyed attending the gym and it really did meet all our needs.

Justiss V. - I really enjoyed it here.  We moved away but thank you very much.

Ed & Sara M. - We are sad to be leaving Ripon for so many reasons. We are going to miss your gym as we have both found it so convenient, both in location as well as hours of operation. We appreciate the way the equipment is maintained and the addition of Wi-Fi has been very welcome. The people in the gym have all been wonderful and working out never seemed like "work". Wishing you continued success in the future.

Peter & Maureen F. - We enjoyed our membership !

Ryon M. - Thank you for providing a gym for me to work out in.  I really enjoy it here.

Clint & Marnie B. - We have enjoyed it. We would stay if we weren't relocating !

Kellie B. I really enjoyed it here.

Amber B. - Thank you so much and I hope to join again in the future. I really enjoyed it.

Michael & Julie B. - Initially, we joined this gym because it offers month-to-month membership with no contract requirement. Now, we just love the gym!! In addition to the month-to-month membership, we enjoy:  excellent machines and equipment, 24-hour access, extra clean environment, friendly and courteous co-members who are there to workout, and an invested and committed owner.  We are a couple that takes their workouts seriously and, for the two-plus years we've belonged, this gym has never let us down.

Albert T. - Thanks for choosing Ripon to open your gym.  I've been a member at Golds , In-shape, and several other gyms over the years, but the longest membership by far has been yours. Thanks for all your hard work keeping the place up."

Lauren W. - Your gym was wonderful. Thank you for your kindness!

Anna S. - Ripon Fitness is a very user friendly gym. Mike, the owner, runs a very clean and organized gym, ensuring a safe and confident experience. When I go to the gym, it is "my" time, peaceful and refreshing to my mind as I work the stress from my muscles.

Bailee N. - Thank you so much for running such a clean gym!

Dana & Sharon F. - We have very much enjoyed our membership.  It is always clean and well-maintained.  We always enjoy being there.

Danielle W. & Luke S. - Thank you for supplying an excellent gym!

Colby D. - Thank you so much for everything you have done for me at your gym over the time I have been there. I never had one complaint and will definitely look into getting another membership here if I move back. Thanks again for everything! 

Carlos S. - I really enjoy coming to this gym! Comfortable atmosphere and friendly people.

Aaron F. - This is the first gym I have ever been a member at and I am very pleased with it. Being a 24/7 gym I never need to work the gym into my schedule, it works into mine. The other members of the gym are very kind. When I walked in the door I was impressed with how clean the whole place is and all the equipment, nothing is broken and if it does break it is fixed very fast. I lift and do cardio and there is all the equipment I need. I have no complaints about this gym at all. I plan on staying at this gym for quite a long time.

Jacob L. - I am 21 years old. I chose Ripon Fitness because of the 24-7 hours and the cleanliness of the gym. My fitness journey began to show the people that called me fatso, tubby and names of that nature that I can be thin like them. But this was never enough to keep the fire alive. I started with 16.5 percent body fat and a weight of 187 pounds. Today I am at 9 percent body fat and still at my starting weight of 187 pounds. Remember to do it for yourself and not for the approval of others.

Jennifer H. - At 37, I finally accepted the fact that I was overweight, about 40 pounds to be exact. The extra pounds and sedentary lifestyle left me feeling run down, a bit depressed and generally unhealthy. I started going twice a week, only able to use the elliptical for 15 minutes at first. The environment is very low key and friendly, and in a few months, my confidence grew and the pounds started to melt. All in all, I lost 37 pounds. It's a great place to turn your health and life around!

AJ & Sandy N. - We really love this gym. It always has a friendly, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.  And because of the convenience, this is the first gym we have ever stuck with......over 4 years now.  We really feel at home here and have made it part of our daily routine and we feel really energized when we get done with our workouts and now we are able to keep up with all the grandkids!

Rick S. - Love it!  Best gym I have ever belonged to.  Clean, secure and the only gym that is truly 24/7.  Very nice people at the gym and nice atmosphere.

Veronica A. - I have been coming to this gym since Mike opened this facility, and me living here In Ripon for the last 30 years, was so grateful. Mike has always maintained it, equipment always clean and in working capacity. I have experienced coming here to work out at some crazy hours. The twilight hours 12:30am/1:30am/2:30am), and have felt so safe. This facility is like no other. I have seen new faces and met some great people. Whatever your hours be, If you are sincerely set to join a gym, You will love it here! Don' t be surprised if you get offended when someone gets sloppy here. It feels like home.

Kurt & Sandy H. - We really enjoyed our membership!

Don & Karen V. -  Thank you for providing a wonderful, clean, and well cared for facility. We will gladly recommend your facility to anyone in need of your service.

David D. -  Good place to work out, the owner does a good job of keeping it clean and the equipment in good working order. Never seems to be over crowded. Works well for us.

Shane S. -  Ripon Fitness is a great place to workout. The gym is always clean, great temperature and positive people working out every time I am there. Mike does a great job keeping his members comfortable and happy, always willing to talk to you and assist with any needs you may have. If you want a gym that fits your needs of an anytime, clean, comfortable, gym, then Ripon Fitness is a great place for you.

Melissa H. -  The gym was always very quiet, clean, and cool! Everyone was polite and I really enjoyed having an hour to myself there! I joined while I was rehabilitating an injury and I was able to meet that short term goal while still training for my long term goals. Thank you for being awesome!

Dennis H. -  Ripon Fitness is awesome! It's very convenient to have 24 hour access and the gym is well stocked with equipment in excellent condition. I've been a member for several years and always have found the facility well taken care of and very clean. I strongly recommend the gym.

Nancy M. -  I thoroughly enjoyed working out at 7 a.m. for 45 minutes to an hour three times a week. I liked that the gym was secure, no one without a membership, was allowed in. I liked the different types of equipment that were all in good working condition, and everyone was very friendly. It was also nice to have TV's to watch while you were exercising. I liked the way the gym was run, and especially the monthly rates that were very reasonable. I live out of the town of Ripon but not too far from the gym. It was very nice to know that if I couldn't work out for a month or two, my membership could be frozen. If I had any problems, Mike was always available by e-mail, if I couldn't stop by to talk to him in person. Hopefully I will be able to use the gym again in the near future.

Matt N. -  Ripon Fitness is a gym with great members. It's nice to work out somewhere with people that have respect for you and the equipment. This gym is clean and has a safe environment. I would recommend this gym to friends and family.

Debbie K. -  In regards to the gym. Very simple....
1. Conveniently located
2. Clean/well preserved
3. Comfortable atmosphere
4. Not overly crowded
5. 24x7 works!
6. pay your dues, work out when its convenient => simple
Thanks for everything. I truly enjoyed working out in your gym. Keep up the good work..

Tom H. -  I love your gym . It's clean with a friendly atmosphere and I could workout efficiently.

Janet E. -  Thanks for providing a quality gym that is clean, safe and easy to use!

Raleigh O. - Thank you for a great gym experience.

Matt L. -  Thanks for everything. Love your gym.

Raymond C. -  My wife and I both enjoyed the gym!

Dina H. -  Mike, i have really enjoyed the gym and look forward to coming back soon.. Unfortunately, after having knee surgery on my left, my right is having the same problem and will be having surgery soon. Great gym, friendly people and very clean.

Sarah J. -  Thank You.  The gym was great!

Mike L. -  We love your gym! Keep up the great work!!

Todd C. -  I love the gym! Thank You! Your gym is great!

David Y. -  I have enjoyed my experience at your club.

Shannon C. -  I really did enjoy going to your gym, it was very clean and I had a great experience every time I went.

Anthony P. -  Thank you for all of the months of genuine service.

Bill B. -  I enjoyed your gym greatly!

Russell H. -  My son and I are very impressed with Ripon Fitness. The facility is well-maintained, clean, and has all the necessary equipment. Add in the convenience of 24 hour access, and it's a hard-to-beat option for Ripon residents and the surrounding area.

Abel U. -  I am a recent member.   I truly enjoy the 24/7/365 availability of the gym.  The gym is well maintained and the members are polite. The signing process was easy and appointments were met and kept.  They communicate well via email and text.  I would highly recommend if you want a quiet and well kept gym!
Daniel S. -  Really nice clean private gym. Everyone is friendly and the gym is well maintained.  I've been a member for about six months.  I love the fact that it's open 24/7/365 so I can work out whenever is good for me.
Dealing with Mike and Jay during the sign up process was a breeze. Mike is very friendly and a no-pressure kind of guy.  Thanks Mike for operating such a nice gym!
David G. -  The gym is clean, maintenance issues get fixed in a timely manner and the owner keep you abreast of any situations that may come up. This isn't your typical hang out and socialize while taking gym selfies kind of place. Owner Mike is a straight shooter.  Only complaint, no shower.
Samantha V. -  Ripon Fitness is a great local gym. Never over-crowded, and polite, respectful members. Enjoy having this gym right here in our community.
Ashley M. -  Great place to workout. Mike has always been very responsive to e-mails and phone calls. He keeps all of his members up to date on machine repairs and other gym repairs. No hidden fees or contracts. Great gym with great people!
David D. -  Great place, nice variety of equipment and locally owned. Members are polite and friendly.
Steve D. -  Ripon Fitness is a great place to work out. Quality equipment and Quality members. The owner Mike is dedicated to giving all his customers a great experience. Thanks Mike, I appreciate all you do to make Ripon Fitness a great place to workout!
Josh S. -  Great gym, great owner, great pricing and more. Open 24/7 which is awesome!
Betsy A. -  My husband and I have been members here for a few years and both absolutely love this gym! Mike is very attentive to issues, on the rare occassion that a machine needs a repair it's done quickly, and Mike is great about notifying everyone about anything that might take a little longer due to waiting for parts, etc. The gym is always clean, comfortable, has a great selection of equipment, and as a woman, I can say that I always feel comfortable working out here. I met with Mike personally when I signed up and have been in the gym when he's there and I have always been treated with the utmost respect. Mike makes it very clear to us that he respects and appreciates his clients and goes out of his way to communicate that to us. At the same time, and understandably, Mike expects the same respect of himself and his gym in turn. Rudeness, or not following the (posted) rules is not tolerated, which I appreciate and makes this a place where I feel comfortable and safe to work out. It's the best gym I've ever been a member of and I've tried several.
Tim K. -  Great place to work out! Owner is very professional. He knows what he is doing. Very nice, newer equipment. Would recommend to anyone!

Kevin B. -  This is a good, no-nonense gym.  Plenty of varied equipment, machines, free weights, etc.  Quiet, minimally staffed and good for an efficient work-out.  Not a social club, and the patrons don't camp out on machines.  The owner keeps the machines running so almost all the equipment is available for use.  Open 24 hours, accessible by members with a key fob.

Mike P. -  I have belonged to many gyms in my 57 year life.  I have to say, Ripon Fitness is so far the best!!  The gym is kept clean, members clean up after themselves, and it is always open.  Keep up the good work Jay and Mike I'll be around for as long as you're open
Tiffany T. -  My daughter and I recently joined and absolutely love it!  Friendly, clean atmosphere. No hidden agenda or fees!
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