Access Control

I review the video logs frequently to see who is entering the gym. Do not bring a non-member into this gym to work out. Bringing a non-member into this gym to work out, or giving your key fob to a non-member, will result in an immediate termination of your membership with no refund and a $50.00 fine imposed on the account used for monthly membership billing. Your key fob is coded with your name, so please do not get them mixed up with other members on your plan.

Opening Doors

For the safety and security of everyone in this gym, never open the doors for anyone, even if they have a key fob with them. If their key fob is not working, there is probably a valid reason.

Terminating your Account

A 30 day written notice is required to terminate your membership. However, as a courtesy, if you notify me by the 26th of any month, it can be terminated at the end of the current month. If you let me know after the 26th, your termination will be effective at the end of the following month. There are no exceptions to this rule. TEXTS, PHONES CALLS AND/OR PHONE MESSAGES ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE MEANS OF TERMINATING for your protection and mine.

Your Access Key Fob

Please DO NOT write on or mark the key fob(s) in any way. If you must end your membership, you must return your key fob(s) to me on the last day of the month you are terminating in. You can slide under my office door if I am not here. A $20.00 fee is charged for each key fob that is not returned. If you lose your key fob while still a member, please let me know right away, for the safety and security of the gym. It is $5.00 for a replacement.

Billing Declines

If your account is declined for any reason, I will send out automated text messages and emails to notify you. Please contact me as soon as possible to rectify the billing situation.

Free Weights

Please rack your weights when you are finished with them. Your fellow members and I will appreciate your cooperation. Some individuals can not lift the heavier plates off the equipment.

Cleaning Equipment

My assistant Jay and I do our best to keep the gym clean. At the front of the gym is the sanitizing center. The spray bottles are filled with Mark 11 spray, which kills staph and mrsa. Wipe down your hand holds and seat/backrest after you are finished using the equipment. Please make an effort to return spray bottles to the shelves for others to use. With the onset of the COVID-19 virus, it is now mandatory for you to wipe your equipment off after use. Failure to do so will resullt in immediate termination with no refund.

Using Equipment Improperly

Dropping Free Weights intentionally is not welcomed in this gym. If this is how you normally work out, you will be asked to find another gym more suited to that behavior. Also, slamming weights on the individual weight machines is very hard on them mechanically, and is also not welcomed in this gym. Controlling your weights in both directions is the proper way to work out. Not doing so can lead to injuries.

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