Because of the 24 hour access, it never gets too crowded. Morning hours, let's say from 8:00am on, there are usually 8-10 members per hour working out until around 11:00am. It quiets down a little between 11:00am to 4:00pm, averaging around 4-6 members per hour. Your normal after-work crowd from 4:00pm until 7:00pm usually averages around 12-15 members per hour. After 7:00pm, it varies, usually around 6-8 members per hour until around 11:00pm. After 11:00pm, you might see 4-5 members per hour until the early risers start hitting the gym around 2:30am, with the usual 6-10 members per hour.
Does the Gym ever get crowded?
Do you have any aerobics classes?
Not at this time, but it is something I really want to do. I have been searching for a larger building for the last three years, but unfortunately there is not a lot of affordable commercial spaces in Ripon. One day hopefully. If you know someone that would be interested in putting up a new building, send them my way. I would like about 5000 sq. ft.
Do you have a 30 day notice policy for terminating my membership?
All gyms have a 30 day notice policy. Some gyms even have a 60 day notice policy. However, I am the only gym around (that I know of) that has a courtesy date of the 26th in place. In other words, if you notify me by the 26th of the month, that you want to terminate your membership, I will terminate it at the end of the current month, and not make you go the extra 30 days. After the 26th, you will be charged for the next month, and there are no exceptions. Terminating your account is ultimately your responsibility.
I did a Prepay, but I have to take a few months off. Do I lose those months?
No, not at all. You can put your Prepay on hold indefinately. There is no expiration date and it remains on the books until you return. You can also transfer your remaining months to another individual. However, they will be required to pay the normal enrollment fee.
My husband/wife is a (Police Officer, Fireman, Teacher). Can I get their discount?
Unfortunately no. The discount is for the actual individual.
Do you have WiFi in the gym?
Yes I do, at no cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My son/daughter is over 18, but lives at home.  Can he/she be added to my Family membership?
The family plan is for kids up to 18 years old.  However, if he/she is attending college, I do make an exception in that case.  They will have to provide proof of enrollment, ie Student ID or copy of current class schedule.
Do you have daycare available?
Do I have to sign a contract to be a member?
No, definately not.  Your membership is charged automatically on the 1st of each month until you terminate.
I see that you have something called a "Prepaid Membership".  What is that?
A prepaid membership is where you pay the total cost up front for the number of months you are going to go to the gym.  As you have noticed, there are 6 and 9 month prepaid plans available.  Each of these plans comes with free months added on for extra savings.  If you start a monthly membership, you can always switch to a prepaid plan later on.  On the flip side, if you start at the gym with a prepaid membership, you can switch to monthly when your prepaid plan expires.
Why do I have to terminate my membership in writing?
Doing it in writing protects you and me.  It gives you a written record that you terminated, just so in the rare case you are not removed from the billing system, and you need to contact me.  A phone call can be overlooked or forgotten.  Just an email will be good enough.  If you don't have email, then you will have to mail it to me.  I always send a termination confirmation email, so if you terminate and don't receive this email, you may want to follow-up with me.
How is payment made?  Can I just pay you cash each month?
Payment is made using your credit card or atm card.  Billing is done automatically each month on the 1st.  For your initial sign-up, you can pay cash or credit card, but I will need a card for the automatic billing.  I do not accept cash payments on a monthly basis.

Do you match prices from other gyms?

Unfortunately no. This is probably the most common thing I hear from people.  There are many, many deals out there....some absolutely rediculous.  You have seen them, I'm sure.  $19.99 a month, $9.99 a month, etc... The gyms that are doing this are practicing "Bulk Membership Strategy".  Just get as many people in the door as possible. It is definately great for the consumer, but $10.00 gyms equals $10.00 crowds.  These gyms have to get thousands of members to be able to pay the bills.  So you can expect lots of people working out, waiting on machines, etc.  I can not compete with them...I am just a little guy, but I do provide a comfortable workout environment for everyone, and I do my best to keep the gym clean and "Rude Person" free! 
Ripon Fitness
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Members Have Access 24 Hours a Day 365 Days a Year

Unfortunately, no.  However,  I do have several moms and dads that bring there younger children to the gym with them when they don't have a babysitter.  The unwritten rule is that as long as they can keep themselves occupied sitting at the sign-up table, it is fine with me, but they do have to stay at the table and not wonder through the gym or touch the equipment.
How's the crowd?  You know how some gyms can get!
Yes, I do.  When I started this gym, I made a promise to myself that I would not tolerate any rude or obnoxious behavior, and I have stood by that promise to this day.  I want everyone that comes to my gym to feel comfortable and enjoy their workout experience.  One bad apple can scare away a lot of good members.  I do not need anyones money that bad, so they will definately be terminated if they are a problem.